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This dating site is not a safe

This dating site is not a safe place to find a mate, a date, or anyone great.

auslaugenqm - December 10, 2019
Fraud artists

The staff appear completely unable to control the scammers and fraud artists. If Zero stars was an option; that’s the rating I would give.

haltbarn5 - December 10, 2019
This is a total rip off

I took out a 3 month subscription and after two turned off auto renew. They cancelled my last month but didn’t refund any money. This is a total rip off. I complained to Apple who were no help at all …. More

iamthesireno0 - December 9, 2019
Nothing but a scam.

I won’t bother with describing worthlessness of their so-called “services”, since that is more than adequately documented in the other reviews. What really pisses me off is that you can’t access your …. More

redzoneteamw1 - December 9, 2019
Site is horrible.

Site is horrible. If you like someone and do not have an acct, you get a message from that person. This is how they get you to commit. After, you find out the message is CPU generated. When you reach …. More

kjanei90645 - December 9, 2019
Not worth it!

I was inundated with scam requests and decided it wasn’t worth it. I unsubscribed and deleted my account. They charged me the following month and didn’t delete my account. Not worth it!

razplodiqp - December 9, 2019
It's sad

The men that I have met online want one thing only. It’s either money or sex. It’s sad but I’m not interested any longer in this site. Thank you.

clonarus - December 8, 2019
It's awful.

I experienced 4 different beautiful women, all of which were the same person. When I called out the first woman, the other would message right away. I would call out the next they would unplug and the…. More

desekasc - December 8, 2019
I don't really like

I don’t really like this site either.

monhoquesgg - December 8, 2019


izzamaharug1 - December 8, 2019
What a scam

What a scam. Save your money.

mac87gj - December 8, 2019
Never pay for a subscription

Never pay for a subscription or you will be very sorry!

cagnarash - December 7, 2019