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DO NOT ENTER THIS SITE MORE THAN 70% OF THE PROFILES ARE FALSE. The photos are real people, but the people who answer the messages are people of the site itself. It’s a farce set up by the site itself…. More

pouchouvk - September 27, 2019
They charge you for a chat every time

They charge you for a chat every time

katsteardropss - September 27, 2019 is a fake, scam website

Its a fake, scam website. I bought 160 credits a couple of days ago for about $100. I used probably 30 and required me to pay to continue. The whatsapp service is not responsive. They see my message a…. More

gevatteju - September 27, 2019
I think its a cheap scam

I think its a cheap scam. Its just unbelievable that a lot of ladies who live in Colombia want to chat with you when its 3, 4 or 5 am in their country. Besides, my profile says I am mexican and they c…. More

dyatillw - September 27, 2019
They are awful

They are awful. Ive lodged a complaint with my bank for fraud. Their charging is ridiculous and is not explained to you. I spoke to 3 people and got charged £15.99 each time! This is most definitely …. More

aulina2r - September 27, 2019
Okcupid is a scam site

It’s a scam site with fake profiles to entice you. They charge an outrageous amount of money to message “women” who are actually not real. It’s theft on a grand scale and should be stopped!

nadobny1g - September 27, 2019 is total scam website

Total scam website that just wants to take your money, do not join – profile pictures are to perfect most of the about me are identical, site is full of bots that keep you chatting so you spend money
…. More

lavalelav7 - September 27, 2019
So many fake profiles

So many fake profiles.. Unbelievable.

sarcintaq - September 27, 2019
I don't recommend anyone

I don’t recommend anyone using a credit card at this site.

aneda0k - September 27, 2019
Latin feels steals your time

Latin feels give you opportunities to make connections with woman . As soon as you make connections , they shut your profile down . Latin feels won’t allow you back on the site .For no reason , but pu…. More

orendilline8m - September 27, 2019
Zero Stars

Zero Stars. Perhaps a Negative Five Stars would be more appropriate.

afalegarzt - September 27, 2019
Rubbish, doesn’t verify

Rubbish, doesn’t verify. Very shallow, no proof if profiles are fake.

pannilinixx - September 27, 2019