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When planning a first date, Ideas in Relationship. most men stick with the typical plan. Go see a movie or go out to dinner. There is nothing wrong in it. It is something that usually works and is not too complicated.

But who wants to be like the majority? Wouldn’t you like to YourLatinMates stand out from the rest? What you need is to be as irresistible as possible and for her to be looking forward to seeing you again.

So, thinking about it, I have decided to make this list with ideas for your first date with which you can get out of the typical dinner and movie routine.

On a first date, you are interested in talking, but not only that. Doing something different is interesting, since it takes the pressure off you of having to talk non-stop. The ideas for your first date that I am going to propose to you, provide you with the right balance between conversation and distraction.

Do not forget that a date, above all, should be fun. And a good way to achieve this is to do some activity together.

I also have to warn you that not all ideas work for all girls. Before you plan any outdoor adventures, you’ll want to make sure it’s something he likes.

Likewise, you don’t want to take her to a museum if it’s something that bores her. Think about her likes and her personality before deciding which of these 10 first date ideas you want to try, and get ready to have a blast.

1-Go to the bowling alley

Going to the bowling alley is a classic. You can have a few beers and share some food while facing each other in a healthy competition.

With all the background noise at bowling alleys you won’t have to worry about saying interesting things and you’ll take some of the pressure off during your time there. It’s a place where both parties usually feel comfortable, and if she’s comfortable, she’ll have a good time, and if she’s having a good time, she’ll want to go on a second date.

10 First Date Ideas in Relationship  AnastesiaDate Scam

2-Go for a walk

Getting out in the country and getting some exercise is a great way to go on a first date with someone, though it’s not for everyone. First find out if the girl likes this type of activity and if so she finds a suitable route.

If you don’t know if he is in shape, choose a route that is not too hard. There have been times when I’ve come across girls who were in poor physical shape and barely held up, so don’t take any chances.

The good thing about this plan is that it is a perfect YourLatinMates.Com opportunity to chat, and it offers you a private and quiet space to get to know each other. And besides, it costs nothing, avoiding debates about who pays for the account.

Oh, and make sure to check the weather forecast. You don’t want to get up to your neck in water on your first date. I also recommend that you tell him what you have planned. It is not a plan that she appears with high heels and an outfit that is not suitable for a walk in the countryside.

3-Go to the aquarium or the zoo

Aquariums or the zoo are not just for school excursions. They are also good places for a first date. You can distract yourself with marine or wildlife in places that allow walking and at the same time offer enough distractions to keep you busy.

In this way you will avoid the annoying and uncomfortable silences that usually arise when you can’t think of what to talk about.

4-Go to the theater or a monologue

Going to see a live theater performance is one of my favorite choices when it comes to a first date. Going to the theater is definitely more original than going to see a movie and also has more class.

If the play has a break, you can take the opportunity to have a drink, unlike a movie where you spend the whole time in the dark.

Choose the work depending on your tastes. There is no point in pretending that you are a gafapasta or a connoisseur of trash when you are not. Sooner or later it will backfire on you.

If you don’t want to go to the theater, there are other types of shows you can choose from. You can go to monologues, performances by indie artists or anything else.

You can also go to places where there is live music. They are good because you can have a drink and talk about anything while enjoying the performance. Ask him what kind of music he likes and the same you succeed.


Dining out is proven to work and is a great way to meet someone new. For a first date, staying for something to eat at noon is not the most common, but it can work if you go to a slightly special place and you will also have the rest of the day for yourselves afterwards, extending the date as much as you want.

6-Go to a sporting event Ideas in Relationship

Taking her to a sporting event is another great idea if she likes sports of course. It provides the perfect opportunity to chat in a fun place where you will have enough distraction not to think about what to say.

If you both like sports and you are also from the same team, then all the better. One of my best first dates was when I took the girl to the Bernabéu and then to dinner. We had a great time. Mind you, it was expensive as fuck.

To end this topic, don’t freak out too much if the match doesn’t go well. Forget about insulting the players or the referee, as that could jeopardize the possibility of a second date.

7- Go to a pub – Ideas in Relationship

It is probably the most important part of a first date. Talking about anything over a couple of beers is always nice and helps calm the inevitable nerves of a first date.

Choose a pub that is trendy or offers something different. The last thing you want is to go to a bar with nothing special or that looks like a graveyard.

If things go well, then you can go to dinner somewhere else. To top it off, make sure you reserve a table for two. It will save you time waiting for a free one when you arrive and it will show that you put in a little effort.

8- Take a tourist tour – Ideas in Relationship

The normal thing is not to give too much importance to your city, but think about it. Every year thousands of people probably come to it on vacation. Try to see your city from the tourist’s point of view.

Check out guidebooks and information on all kinds of festivals, events and places worth visiting.

Take her for a walk around the city to see all those things that are worth seeing.

9- Take her to a good restaurant – Ideas in Relationship

Sharing new experiences together is a good way to build a relationship with someone.

As classic as it sounds, a restaurant date can be unique and memorable. Strive to find the perfect place. Choose a site with good opinions and reviews, ideally for unusual food. That is, ethnic food, or author.

You will be demonstrating good taste, that you are fashionable in culinary matters and you will surely surprise her. You can go to an Italian, Japanese, Vietnamese… the options are almost endless.

The adventurous factor will also add some excitement to the date and you may discover a dish that becomes your favorite. And if not, you can always go to another trendy restaurant on the second date.

10- Make a route by road – Ideas in Relationship

Take her for a ride in your car on back roads. Visit towns, areas of tourist interest, and take her to eat in a town with typical and tasty dishes.

I have done this several times and we had a great time. Yes, it is expensive, but few can resist a good route of 300 km through picturesque landscapes and a good meal in a charming restaurant. Of course, do it only if you think that the girl is very special and that she will enjoy this type of plan. If not, the expense may not be worth it.

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Well, I hope that these 10 ideas for your first date have been of some use to you and that you can surprise that girl (or boy) that you like so much and that you just met.

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