10 Instant Ways to Make Men Look More Attractive

There are several things that Men Look More Attractive can do to make a woman immediately “clap-clap”. While not all men are born equal, and some men are naturally more charismatic than others, there’s certainly no reason YourLoveMeet to be sad because this guide will transform you from looking sloppy to prince charming  in a matter of seconds.

#1: Use Cologne

Did you know that the sense of smell is the most sensitive sense? Even after one year, people could remember smells with 65% accuracy, compared to visual memory, which was only 45%. Give your date a surprising scent by spritzing on a unique cologne before appearing in front of him—he’ll smell you before he sees you, which gives him an interesting picture of who you are.

Choose a scent that suits your character—which means you should make an effort to really choose a cologne that not only smells good, but also smells like you. Don’t just choose the cologne that people like the most, but choose a scent that is unforgettable.

#2: Show Generosity

Just a little generosity can go a long way. We don’t mean always paying the bills after expensive dates, or buying his friends a movie. Small, unselfish steps, DateMyAge.com such as offering to drive your date and friends home after hanging out, can show that you’re willing to drive in a different direction to ensure their safety.

Also, if you can’t pay for dinner, don’t feel bad. Generosity can be shown in many ways, including buying her a bottle of water from a nearby shop on a hot day. It doesn’t always have to be a big, lavish gift. Small acts of kindness and generosity can leave a lasting impression too.

10 Instant Ways to Make Men Look More Attractive

#3: Be an Attentive Listener

If there’s one thing we girls can’t stand, it’s guys who talk and talk the entire date and never even stop to listen. There is little attention paid to the sensitive man willing to open his ears wide, which is when we feel it’s time to put a little spotlight on the attentive listener.

Most women like to be the center of attention. To make your date feel like the most special person right away, make an effort to really listen to what she has to say (even if it’s about a dress she saw in a store window, or her annoying ex- bestfriend ). But don’t just listen. Show him that you care by offering suggestions or words of encouragement. That way you will really win her heart.

#4: Shave

We’ve all heard of No Shave November and have witnessed the obsession around men growing their beards beautifully. But speaking the truth? Asians just don’t have the kind of genes needed to grow those bushy beards.

While there are some Asian men who have grown what most people consider to be full, healthy beards, there are some who have managed LetmeDate.com review to do so. Next, why would you want to cover this perfect boyish face with your entire chin covered in hair?

So accept this fact Asian man, you were born with boyish looks and underdeveloped chin hair follicles, so give up on this dream and get rid of that messy beard. Opt for a clean shaven face look and watch as women fall in love with you instantly.

10 Instant Ways to Make Men Look More Attractive

#5: Nice Haircut – Men Look More Attractive

Ask any girl and they’ll tell you—a haircut can make an important difference in your life. It’s the difference between a bum and a wall-street genius . One mistake by a hairstylist can make you regret it for months to come.

Just look at Miley’s hair evolution and you’ll see that hair can mean the difference between a sweet country singer and a rebellious rock star. Your hairstyle can speak a thousand words, so make sure you choose wisely (and please , for God’s sake, don’t go to a 10 grand barber).

Men’s salons specializing in classic cuts (such as the pompadour ) are on the rise in popularity and they are fronted by some of the best hairstylists. Check it out today and see how your new 60k buzz cut can make a stark difference in how girls perceive you.

#6: Know Where to Place Hands

You’ve all heard of the “ hover hand ” and how awkward it can be when a guy doesn’t know where he’s allowed to place his hands on a date. It can mean the difference between making a second date with the girl of your dreams or never seeing her again.

As a general rule, it’s always safest to ask before you touch. He could think you’re being silly, but at least you won’t scare him and he’ll know you respect him enough to ask permission before holding.

#7: Manners – Men Look More Attractive

Going out with a guy who doesn’t know how to act properly can be every woman’s biggest nightmare. Talking loudly in a restaurant and not turning off your phone in the cinema can be the biggest turn-downs on your date.

Learning how to behave in a respectful manner towards your date and other people around you shows you are a mature and polite person, and it instantly makes you seem more attractive. Don’t spit, don’t burp and always keep the door open—proving that knights aren’t just a fairy tale.

#8: Roll up your sleeves

It’s normal for guys to wear long sleeve shirts on a first date, it’s all about making a great first impression right? But the thing is, while shirts make you look smart, they also make you look a little too serious and formal.

Roll up your sleeves so that you look neatly dressed and relaxed at the same time. It makes it easier for your date to open up to you and helps you create a dazzling smart-casual look without too much effort.

#9: Get Rid of Jewelry

Most men don’t look good in fancy jewelry, so stay away from your leather bracelets and chain necklaces unless you’re a big charmer. A nice watch and a simple ring are generally more than adequate in trying to send a subtle message of affluence, but make sure you don’t overdo it by piling on jewelry.

Earrings are generally inappropriate, and so are necklaces and bracelets. When it comes to men’s accessories, simplicity is key, so throw on a simple belt, a good pair of shoes, a matching watch and you’ve got yourself looking great for a date.

#10: Maintain Good Posture – Men Look More Attractive

The difference between a man who exudes confidence and a man who looks reserved and reserved is in his posture. Good posture generally helps a person appear confident even in situations where he or she is not . Furthermore, standing and sitting up straight can help make you appear taller than you really are, give your date a sense of security and make you seem more attractive instantly.

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You might think that slouching can hide your belly and sitting crouching will cover a man’s chest, but there’s nothing worse than showing your date how insecure you are with bad posture.

There are no magic in the world, but there are little things you can do to make yourself look more attractive, instantly . The best thing is that such a simple and easy way sometimes becomes more attractive to the opposite sex just by changing your mindset and posture.

So here you guys, 10 tips to change from zero to hero instantly. Make sure you follow each of these steps and see the girls fall to their knees in front of you.

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