9 Indonesian Men About What Type of Girl They Want to Date

If you want to be the woman that Indonesian Men dream of as their life partner, then this article is for you! Indonesian men have been interviewed about how they would choose partners for dating and marriage, and some of these answers may surprise you!

1. You know best?

“Okay, I know that sounds totally incestuous, but I want to marry a woman who is like a mother – caring, loyal, and good at running a household YourLatinMates (because I’m lazy). The girl I want to date…She has to be unlike my mother – I want to date someone who is more interesting and less responsible.”
(Dimas, 24, Student)

2. Change yourself

“I might want to marry someone who is trying to improve me and make me want to be a better person. After all, marriage is supposed to be hard work. As for the ones I want to date, I want to date someone who lets me be who I am – I don’t plan on getting distracted making changes all the time while dating.”
(Reza, 20, Student)

(Reza, 20, Student)

9 Indonesian Men About What Type of Girl They Want to Date

3. Fun vs. Heart of gold – Indonesian Men

“I wouldn’t mind if the girl I date doesn’t have the most amazing heart, I guess. He just has to please me. The girl I marry, however, should ideally be noble, kind, gentle and wise. Hopefully, I will be able to be a match LetmeDate.com for her in the future.”
(Aditya, 24, Marketing Executive)

4. Smart

“Girls I date should at least hook up. As for my future wife, she should be able to have long conversations with me about political issues, for example, and be able to formulate carefully thought-out opinions. That’s the main difference.”
(Waskito, 28, Architect)

5. There is no difference – Indonesian Men

“I don’t see why we have to make a distinction between what kind of girl we love and date and what kind of girl we want to marry. Aren’t you dating with the intention of getting married? For me, I see a future with any girl I date.”
(Krishna, 22, Student)

9 Indonesian Men About What Type of Girl They Want to Date

6. Love is patient, love is kind

“The girl I ended up marrying just had to be patient. Patient enough to accept all my uniqueness. The girl I’m dating….maybe just pretty?”
(Andika, 21, Student)

7. Sharing tasks

When dating, I want to do a lot of things for the girl I’m dating. I would usually be the most considerate of him, cook for him, and prepare everything YourLoveMeet.com review  for us when he comes to my house. Whereas when I get married, I hope to share my duties fairly with my wife, so we can each have some time to relax.”
(Yoga, 26, Founder startup)

8. Spontaneity – Indonesian Men

“For some reason, other men always say they want a mature and motherly wife to live with. I don’t expect to be coddled or to die of boredom with my wife. I want someone to be attractive, and I hope my wife will be the one that fascinates me the most. A boyfriend doesn’t have to be that attractive.”
(Aryo, 23, Student)

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9. Finally, someone who makes you go “aww”

Whatever qualities I want in a girlfriend or wife, I find them in my current boyfriend. He is the best (life) partner I could ever ask for, and I want to continue dating, and eventually marry him.”
(Baskara, 29, Business Development Executive)

Obviously, we have some conflicting views outlined here. In the end, different people tell different stories! At the same time, it gives every girl out there, who dreams of getting married one day, some hope. Somewhere there is someone who appreciates your combination of qualities, whether in a girlfriend or a wife.

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