How to Flirt on Instagram. I Tell You My Experience

How to Flirt on Instagram. Nowadays,  the way of flirting has changed a lot . Social networks have been a success when it comes to finding hookups, friends, a partner, etc. Instagram  has been one of the ones that has helped people to get to know each other and socialize the most, since a SharekAlomre large number of links have been born from there.

This app is a great tool to communicate both publicly and privately thanks to its ‘Direct Messages’ function. Now we will see  how to flirt on Instagram .

How Do You Link on Instagram?

Well, the first thing will be to set a goal, that is. What person or types of people you want to meet. From there, you must  follow that person  and. If he accepts your request, it will be recommended that you  like some of his publications. But not too many, as he may think you are desperate.

If that person or ‘crush’ follows you back, it means. That perhaps you have also been able to get their attention. For this reason, wait a couple of days and take advantage. When a story is uploaded to respond to it with something funny or striking. But without seeming rude. It is advisable that you show some interest beyond your physical  so that the other person feels safe.

If he takes a long time to answer, don’t panic and write him again. Be patient and wait. Although if you see that he has left you in sight, you can try again in a while and. If it still does not work, it means that this person does not have. The slightest interest in you and it will not be worth continuing to fight.

How to Flirt on Instagram. I Tell You My Experience

Great Tool to Communicate

On the other hand,  if you and that person already know each other, things change. Since it is assumed that you already have something in common surely. So that that person realizes your intentions, do not forget to like all the publications that he shares. Another trick will be to send him by direct message posts of laughter or of topics that you have in common to comment on them.

If, for example, you are both animal lovers, you could send him related posts to make him laugh or feel tender. In this way, the interest of the other person will increase. When they see that you have similar tastes. And, as in the previous case, do not forget to  answer the occasional story  showing interest in her life.

Tips or Advice to Flirt on Instagram

We have already seen some of the most essential or ‘colloquial’ tricks to know how to flirt on Instagram. Now the important thing is to take into account some. The most important tips  SharekAlomre.Com within this flirting technique.

  • That person we’re interested in might look  at who we’re following . Therefore, we must be very careful, because if he sees that we only follow girls or models. Our target may lose the little interest he had in us. If this is your case, it is best to cleanse the people you follow.
  • Do not spend your time posting the same photos. Have some imagination and  make your account an interesting place  so that the person you like so much will catch your attention.
  • Do not be the same as everyone, try to be original. When you write to that girl you like so much, do not use the words that are used today. Be creative .
  • Although it seems typical,  BE YOURSELF. That is always the most important thing and what attracts the most attention, a person who is not afraid to show himself as he really is.
  • The  biography of your Instagram profile  should not be very abundant. It is best to opt for something simple.
  • Do not saturate the girl you like with private messages. Just be nice to her from time to time so that your interest is noticed but, without seeming annoying. Because there are girls who get overwhelmed and stop answering or may even block you.

My Personal Experience

Flirting on Instagram is not that easy, since it is not an app aimed at finding a partner. Even so, I have flirted through this medium and I have to say that I have met a few quite interesting girls.

I used some of the  tricks  above to get his attention. Some I already knew and others I didn’t. With the ones I already knew. I started directly responding to some stories and tried not to seem desperate so that the girl would not be scared. In most cases it has worked for me and I have ended up with two or three of them. Instagram is a very close social network, so  dating has always gone very well .

With girls I didn’t know, the first thing you should always do is make  sure they don’t have a partner , because I don’t want to get into trouble. Once I am clear that he is free, I take the opportunity to like some of his most recent publications. In some cases, with just that they have already written to me privately to get to know me a little better.

Despite meeting several of them and feeling comfortable dating, I still haven’t found that person who could be considered my ‘better half’. They are all fantastic girls with whom you can talk about various topics, because I always try to stay with the ones with whom I have the greatest affinity or the most common tastes. Currently, I am still trying to meet more girls through Instagram, but maybe I should try other websites that are more oriented towards finding a partner.


In short, Instagram is a good social network to meet people, but it is not the ideal one for it. The best thing to do is  to try websites specialized in finding a partner , among which are: Meetic, Badoo, Follamigos, Tinder, Fuego de Vida, etc. They are highly recommended alternatives if Instagram does not work for you. Although the most important thing will always be to be patient and wait for the right person to appear.

Following these tips I think you can be successful flirting on Instagram. Although, you know, if this app doesn’t work for you, don’t get discouraged and try other alternatives like Follamigos , Fuego de Vida or the always reliable Meetic.

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