Sporadic Relationships and Everything You Need to Know

Would you like to have casual Relationships and Everything? Are you looking for a boy or girl with whom to spend good times but without any commitment? That is what many people like you want, who, tired of the routine of their marriage or current partner, prefer to embark on an adventure and meet new people with whom they have sporadic relationships with whom they add spice to their daily life.

I find myself in the same situation. Had a girlfriend for many years and when we left him I decided that I would be available to anyone I wanted and that I liked, of course. Started DilMil looking at casual relationship sites and ended up finding exactly what I was looking for.

All this motivated the creation of my website in which I have tried most of the contact and appointment pages, or at least, the ones that I think are more worthwhile.

How do I Manage to Have Without Commitment?

My advice is that you look in some of the portals for this purpose that there is on the Internet. It is the fastest way to put people with similar tastes in contact, and at least if you start a conversation with another person you will know that there is a certain predisposition to meet you, something that otherwise cannot always be confirmed. How many times have you been rejected at a nightclub, at work or at an activity that you would have signed up for?

With sporadic relationship pages you don’t have that problem. If the other party is not interested in you, they will not respond to you and that way you will save yourself the always unpleasant drink of having been rejected. Breaking the ice is always easier on screen than in real life, and for shy people, that’s a huge relief.

On the Internet there are several types of portals focused on love and relationships. Some of them are indicated for stable relationships, and others for having sex without commitment. In this last area we can include casual relationship portals. I don’t think I’m telling a lie if I say that a large percentage of men who are looking for relationships without commitment, more than friendship, what they want is sex and good sex.

Nor am I telling a lie if I say that a large part of the women who are looking for relationships without commitment already have extensive experience in sexual matters DilMil.Co and are true experts in bed. This has been at least my experience.

This focus from casual relationships to raw sex makes searching easier than it might seem, as the range of dating sites that are focused on non-committed sex is quite large.

Sporadic Relationships and Everything You Need to Know

What are the best relationship sites?

In my opinion there are four pages that work especially well if you are looking for casual relationships. They are Fuego de Vida, Follamigos, Ashley Madison and Victoria Milan, in that order. All of them have enough visitors, both male and female, to ensure a high number of profiles and enough variety to satisfy almost any demand.

Are all relationship websites reliable?

Unfortunately, no. Some of the casual dating sites on the market are not to be trusted. They send you false contact requests, they fill your email with messages from supposedly interested girls when you haven’t even uploaded a miserable photo to your profile, inciting you to pay and then not getting any results.

Luckily for you, I am only going to recommend the sporadic contact websites that have worked best for me and with which you can be calm about their reliability.

Are the websites free or do you have to pay?

Registration on all websites is free, but if you want to use them 100%, you need to pay a small fee, which allows you to communicate with other people and be able to send and receive messages without limitations, see photos etc.

In some cases, registration on these websites is free for women, so that in this way the number of people of different sexes is equal, because let’s not forget that the main clients of this type of website are men and what matters is that as many women as possible are registered.

Of all of them, the one that has given me the best results has been Fuego de Vida. It is really easy to find people willing to have a good time and with similar tastes to yours. I was registered for several months and everything worked very well for me. If you are curious to know more about Fuego de Vida, I advise you to read my analysis where I tell you everything about this page.

Another one that has worked well for me is Follamigos. With that name it is difficult to make the mistake of thinking that it is a website for serious relationships. It is very indicated to fuck and forget about it. It has the drawback that the fake profiles are somewhat higher than would be desirable, but even so, it can be fucked as soon as you dedicate some time to it.

My Experiences

Ashley Madison and Victoria Milan are websites for married people looking for an affair or extramarital relationship. They have a very careful design and are really easy to use. In addition, the prices they have are low, so there are no excuses. From what I could see, the usual profile of users of Ashley Madison and Victoria Milan is women between 35 and 50 years old, who take care of themselves, with a certain purchasing power and who want to get laid without their husband finding out.

The first woman I fucked thanks to Ashley Madison lived in a chalet in La Moraleja in Madrid, and taking advantage of the fact that her husband was on a business trip, she suggested that I go look for her there. It was an absolute bummer. She received me at home completely naked, we bathed naked in her pool and I fucked her several times until I couldn’t take it anymore. From time to time we text each other, and she sends me photos on her mobile, but with her husband there, nothing can be done if she doesn’t leave.

Sporadic Relationships

That is what you can expect in these types of pages. I’m not saying that everyone you’re going to flirt with lives in a mansion and is hot, but you can get an idea of ​​what a woman is looking for when she signs up for a page like that.

In Victoria Milan I have also had the occasional sexual encounter. A business woman with little time, she asked me if we could meet at her hotel since the next day she was leaving for some European cities. She knew very well what she wanted and left a very good taste in my mouth. For all this, I already say that it is very comfortable for me to meet women this way. You skip all the courtship and prior flirting and go straight to the point.

How to like a Girl

Do not think that the girls I contacted, I banged them the same day I contacted them. He had already been “working on them” for days and they only needed to have a gap in his agenda. To be noticed, what I had to do is above all, put attractive profile photos, without sunglasses, without looking like a pimp and in which you can be seen doing something interesting or with what you enjoy.

One of my hobbies is surfing and I also have other photos driving a Porsche (it was rented! lol). Practically any hobby can serve you for this. You can take photos fishing, walking on the beach, in the mountains, skiing, walking the dog, etc.

Another thing that comes in handy is to LIE a little if the subject of work comes up and how much you earn, etc. I have proven that if I lie about my salary, I am automatically more attractive.

Earning more will make you appear more desirable at least in the short term.


Obviously you can not miss being well dressed and groomed. Take pictures of yourself with clothes of a certain level and with appropriate accessories.

If with the photos and throwing a little nose at it you don’t get success, something is wrong. Don’t obsess over a particular girl, either. If you see what happens to you, go for another one and keep looking. Someone will appear who finds you attractive.

On the other hand, and to finish, the typical basic tips when using pages of this style.

Look for girls from your city or relatively close . Starting a conversation with someone who lives 500 km away is not recommended financially or mentally. You will go crazy.

Not while about your physical appearance above all. That cannot be hidden once in person.

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Don’t give out your private data at first . Be patient before you drop your phone number. You can communicate through email, skype or the same dating website. Anything except as long as it doesn’t endanger your privacy. You never know what the other person is like until you get to know them a little.

Wear protection . Don’t freak out and always carry condoms. You don’t know how many the other person has screwed. It’s better to prevent than to cure.

Remember, they are sporadic relationships. All you want is sex. In this type of pages is what is sought from the beginning. Make it clear if it is really what you want, so that the other party is not misled.

They have worked very well for me, and I hope they work for you too.

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